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. | . ---|--- Please read our FAQ| for a break-down of our rules, and examples. Also check out our newbie guide! If you violate the rules, you will be banned|Bans are routine, and intended to get you to read this sidebar. If your method of accessing /r/freebies doesn't show the sidebar, you're still accountable to follow the rules. If you have been banned, please send us a modmail|and note which rule you broke (so we know we are on the same page), and we will unban you.

Rules: ^(Hover for more info)

. | . ---|--- 1. No non-physical freebies | Post those in /r/eFreebies. 2. No contests | Post those in /r/contest. 3. No referral links | Post those in /r/ReferralFreebies or /r/beermoney. 4. No questions, discussions, or received posts | Post those in /r/freebietalk. 5. Nothing that costs money to obtain, directly or indirectly | Post these in /r/NearlyFreebies. Mail-in rebates for freebies go in /r/freebates and BOGO in /r/coupons. 6. No class action lawsuits | These can now go on /r/CALsettlements. 7. Nothing that doesn't directly lead to obtaining something for free | This includes freebies that require a fee for S&H. 8. Nothing that at least 100 people can't get | No single use coupons, no "come to my house for this free thing". Post these in /r/ecycle. 9. No links to freebie sites | Link directly to the freebie, not to a freebie site or blog. 10. Nothing that is free forever throughout the universe | Like manure, coffee at the bank, or hugs. 11. Nothing illegal! | No pirated stuff, or illegally getting a service for free. 12. Please flair your posts | Thanks /u/KorbanDidIt for the guide. 13. Please submit ideas to make the sub better on our Suggestion Saturday thread! | (See previous awesome contributors!)

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