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A community of professional and freelance writers

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A place to share tips about writing, including how to get more gigs or jobs.

Rules about submitting links or self posts:

  1. Share your experience, your questions, ask for feedback, complain about clients, rant about how hard it is to find clients, and other such posts are what this sub is for.

  2. Self-promotion is ok, as long as the content you post is totally free, for all time. Link to a free e-book is fine, but link to an amazon e-book is not, for example.

  3. "for hire" and "hiring" posts are acceptable for now, but not really what this sub is for. A more suitable sub for those kinds of posts is /r/forhire

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Other forums on the Internet:

Wahm forum for writers

Sites where you can find clients to write for

The list includes bidding sites as well as forums. In case of bidding sites, the sites take a part of your fee as commission. In case of forums, you can contact the client directly. The jobs in these sites are mostly 1-3 cents per word.

Site| Commission :--|:-- Upwork | 10% Freelancer | 8% Digital Point | Direct Contact Warrior Forum | Direct Contact Craigslist | Direct Contact Gumtree, UK | Direct Contact

Also read this comment by melikeygupy if you want to escape low paying gigs.

Some of the popular sites freelance writers can write for

Site|Comment about eligibility etc :--|:-- Textbroker, USA | Americans Only Writer Access | Americans Only
Textbroker, UK | Non-Americans Only The Content Authority| Everyone can apply
Zerys aka Interact Media| Everyone can apply Scripted|Everyone can apply

Websites for Professional freelance journalists and writers:

Site|Comment :--|:-- Media Bistro | Connect and find jobs Duotrope | find markets and publishers Journalism Jobs | mostly for US contently | Create portfolio and connect with clients

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