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freeuse - worlds where women are willing

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>Hello and welcome to /r/freeuse!

>This is a place to create, share, and discuss works related to the 'free use' fetish.

>What is free use? ^^1

>In a free use world, women are to some extent available for men to use sexually (or the other way around). Though the context can vary wildly from porn to porn, in free use smut any man can walk up to a woman and do whatever he likes to her. A common standard in this fantasy involves women ignoring how they're used and/or society as a whole treating it very casually, but this isn't always the case. If that gets you going, you're in the right place.


>Is that even a thing?

>Not as much as I'd like, but I'm seeing more and more of it around the web these days; I'm hoping it's on the rise, but maybe I've just started looking harder for it! Keep scrolling down for links to some prominent Free Use stories and blogs. There should be enough material down there to keep you going a long time, and it's growing every day.


>How do I get in on this?

>Apart from visiting the links below, you can find or create free use content and post it here. If you're the literary type you can check out plenty of other great writers out on the erotic choose-your-own-adventure site CHYOA (where I'm known as Squelchapron).


>^^1 Some users have raised concern regarding the variety of content we permit on this subreddit, with talk of how X isn't "true" freeuse, how r/freeuse used to be so much better when it had mostly Y content, etc etc.

>While we can't make everyone agree with our definition, we can make our stance on this a little clearer:

>>". . . the key unifying element between all the different types of freeuse-themed content . . . is access. Access and freedom to use or be used . . . the participants' thoughts and feelings on it are . . . flavor." (


> IRC Chat

> Discord Server

> Stories (please contribute!)


Sexual Privilege


The Choice

Blowjob Universe

Freedom of Use


Moving to the Sexworld

The Free Kingdom of Avaria

The Dragonbone


Freedom to Fuck (interactive version)

> Non-interactive Stories


Freedom to Fuck (non-interactive version)

Hellen's Day

> Related Blogs

Free Use Captions (Me/Jordan Farcourt/Squelchapron/Jetman293)



Hello Freeuse Reality

Free Use Universe

Reality Warp Deviant

Warp Her, Claim Her (Pois1)

Free Use University (Ramonvice)

Casual Sex Captions (Rozenfire)

Contingency's Hentai

Decadent Empire


Tales from the Next Sexual Revolution

Stiny's Free Use

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