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Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari Code Exchange

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Where Pokemon and Philanthropy meet.

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  1. Do not post on the subreddit with incorrect Pokémon in your flair. Doing so is considered scamming, and will result in a ban. Please report offenders by sending proof as described in the FAQ to modmail.
  2. Do not trade or offer anything that isn't a friend safari or friend code (e.g. Pokémon, Pokérus, battles, items, eggs, external goods, money, etc). Offering a Pokémon or anything else in return for someone adding you counts as a trade as well.
  3. Do not harass users or PM them for their friend code.
  4. Thread content must be friend safari related. Please choose a more appropriate subreddit for things that are not.
  5. Do not ask for upvotes, as doing so is against Reddit's Content Policy.
  6. After posting a topic, please wait for it to fall off the subreddit's front page before posting another one.
  7. Set your flair before attempting to post. Please be sure to read the Getting Started guide as well.

Having issues posting or setting flair? See the FAQ for troubleshooting.

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