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Florida State University

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A subreddit for FSU students, faculty, alumni, and interested parties.


  1. Do not post anything that looks remotely like an advertisement.

  2. No personal and private information.

  3. No Political posts.

  4. Do not discuss or conduct illegal activity on this subreddit.

  5. Do not make new posts asking if you will make it in through admissions.

If you see something that breaks these rules, please use the report button.

Mod has full discretion over what is posted and who gets banned, don't break the rules.

Useful Links

  1. Find a Roommate Thread

  2. Weekly Events Thread Courtesy of /u/ClearLiquidClearJar

  3. /r/FSUSports

  4. /r/Tallahassee

  5. Unofficial FSU Discord

Next Meetup

None planned. If you'd like to plan one, make a thread and PM me the details.

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