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Rules For The Subreddit

  • No pornography.
  • No clips or trailers, please submit full length episodes.
  • No segmented videos, must be in one part ("full")
  • Editorialized or obnoxiously long titles will be removed.
  • No Attribution links, must be a direct link to the video.
  • No Non-YouTube or proxy links.
  • No url shortening (tinyurl etc)
  • Preferred TV Show title format:
    Title (Year) S##E## "Episode Title"
  • Preferred Channel link format:
    [Channel] Description of channel contents (Year)
  • Any additional information should
    be posted in the comments.
  • Self/Text Posts
    Please only use self/text posts for submitting playlists, channels or posting multiple links,
    No discussion posts or requests.
    (discussions in comment threads are welcome and requests have a dedicated thread)
  • Please search before posting.
  • Please mark NSFW posts.
  • Please Use Spoiler code in comments.
    If needed, see below for directions.


  • If the episode you're posting hasn't been posted in the last two weeks, then you may post it. Use the search feature to help you.
  • If you find a HD version of an episode that has been posted in the last two weeks, post the link to the episode in the already posted episode.Then message the mods so we can put a flair on that post letting users know about the HD version. After two weeks, you may actually post it.

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Spoiler Comments

Any comment containing a "spoiler" must be formatted:
[This is a spoiler sentence.](/spoiler)
The result is:
This is a spoiler sentence.
Comments in violation of this rule may be removed.

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