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X| Y ---|--- This subreddit is dedicated to all things FUNHAUS. Here is where you can ask us questions for the Q&A show (in the official thread), get links to the latest videos, talk to us one-on-one, and even suggest things you want to see on the channel. Yeah, we'll listen. It's cause we love you. Yes, you. |


Rules || Description -----|---|----------- I. Do NOT make a Q&A post | | When Q&A posts are needed each week, a member of the moderating team will create and pin it. II. No shit posts! | | Low effort posts, such as memes, lookalikes, adverts, reposts and buffering screenshots will be deleted without warning if they do not contribute to discussion. Don't make a new thread for every unimportant tweet/vine/instagram/snapchat from the Funhaus members. Do NOT post screenshots of private messages you have with Funhaus members. Share your opinion about a video in it's specific threads. III. Tag your posts | | Use of the ANNOUNCEMENT, Weekly Thread and CERTIFIED SHIT tag is restricted. If you use it for your own threads, your post will be removed. It's okay to submit fanart from other people as long as you cite the source. IV. Let the video bot do his job | | The /u/funhausbot will take care of posting videos from the Funhaus channel. You can submit any other video with the Funhaus guys on the other channels but please check if somebody else has already submitted it. Also, don't make 'out for sponsors' threads, share it only when it's available for everyone. V. Respect each other | | Any harassment of other users, or hate speeches will result in a permanent ban from the community. If someone is a new fan, please don't hesitate to help them out.
VI. Don't monetize your fan content | | Due to the fanart policies of Rooster Teeth, fan created art cannot be sold. Cease and desists will be sent out by RT to anyone selling art, merchandise or monetising on fan videos based on Rooster Teeth properties (i.e. Funhaus). VII. Only post FunHaus relevant videos. | | Videos can only be posted to this subreddit that are relevant to FunHaus. If FunHaus is starring or is a topic of discussion in the video then it is allowed.






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