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We're the largest Funko Community on reddit. Keep up to date with Funko News or just browse other Readers Hauls and Collections.

Funko FAQ

Funkopop Wiki (READ THIS!)

/r/funkoswap for all of your b/s/t needs

How to Choose a Flair


General Rules

  • Be civil and respectful of others and follow Reddiquette.
  • No witch hunting or calling out of specific people is allowed.
  • No self promotion of any kind is allowed and only official Funko or major retailer (Hot Topic, Toy Tokyo, Gamestop, etc.) videos may be posted.
  • Low quality or low effort posts will be deleted. If a post belongs in one of the daily megathreads, it too will be deleted and the submitter will be directed there.
  • All questions belong in the Wednesday Q And A megathread.
  • No eBay listings unless they are for brick and mortar stores.
  • Giveaways and contests should be discussed with mods for approval.


  • Must include State, Country (if outside US) or online store name and posts with multiple of the same pop will be deleted.


  • Tracking posts require a location such as City/State to inform people where products are showing up.


  • B/S/T is not allowed in this subreddit. Please visit /r/funkoswap for all your B/S/T needs.


  • Posts that are not flaired within 20 minutes will be deleted. Read this FAQ on flairing if you are unsure how to properly flair your post.


  • Monthly subscription box spoilers may be posted but only if flairing with spoiler tag. If you do not include a spoiler tag your post will be removed and it may result in a warning or ban.

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