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We're the largest Funko Community on reddit. Keep up to date with Funko News, browse other Redditors Hauls and Collections, and engage in discussion about our favorite hobby.

Funko FAQ

Funkopop Wiki (READ THIS!)

/r/funkoswap for all of your b/s/t needs

How to Choose a Flair

DPCI Form & Spreadsheet

Placeholder Form & Spreadsheet


Be Civil With Each Other/No Witch Hunting

  • Be civil and respectful of others and follow Reddiquette. No witch hunting or calling out of specific people is allowed. Any post that does so will be removed.


  • Hauls from physical locations must include Country and State (if in the US) in the title. Hauls from online retailers must include include the retailer's name in the title.


  • Tracking posts require a location in the title such as City/State to inform people where products are showing up. This obviously doesn't apply to online stores. A simple link will suffice.


  • Posts that are tagged as collections must include multiple different pops. As defined by Google, a collection is "an assembly of items [...], especially one systematically ordered." This indicates that there must be more than one item in the post. However, if all of the items in the post are recent purchases, that must be tagged as a Haul and the rules followed accordingly.

Duplicate Items

  • Any post indicating that you purchased multiple of the same item will be removed. This includes Haul posts as well as comments on In Stock posts, and anything else related.

No Self Promotion

  • No self promotion of any kind is allowed and only official Funko or major retailer (Hot Topic, Toy Tokyo, Gamestop, etc.) videos may be posted. No eBay listings may be posted unless they are for a brick and mortar store.


  • B/S/T is not allowed in this subreddit. Please visit /r/funkoswap for all your B/S/T needs.


  • Posts that are not flaired within 10 minutes will be deleted. Read this FAQ on flairing if you are unsure how to properly flair your post.


  • Monthly subscription box spoilers may not be posted outside the megathread before the spoiler period ends. Smuggler's Bounty and Marvel Collector Corps lift on the 1st of the following month and Disney Treasures and Legion of Collectors lift on the 15th of the month. If you spoil a movie or a show (within a reasonable time) without a spoiler tag your post will be removed and you could face additional consequences.


  • Low quality or low effort posts will be deleted. If a post belongs in one of the daily megathreads, it too will be deleted and the submitter will be directed there.
  • All questions that don't create a discussion belong in the Wednesday Q And A megathread.
  • Giveaways and contests should be discussed with mods for approval.

Daily Megathreads

Monday: Have you had your coffee yet? - Weekly Complaint and Compliment Thread

Tuesday: Top 10 Tuesday

Wednesday: Whatchu Want? Wednesday - What do you want to see made?

Thursday: Q and A Thread

The daily mega threads serve as a weekly place to hold discussions centered around those topics. For instance, all complaining must go in the Monday thread, all Top 10 photos/discussion goes in the Tuesday thread, all individual questions go in the Wednesday thread and all discussions about what pops you want go in the Thursday thread. Any post on these topics will be removed and directed to the appropriate mega.

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