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Questions? See Full Rules or ask the moderators.

1) Follow our NSFW tagging rule for images!
Questionable and explicit submissions require you to place one of the following tags into the title of your post.

  • SFW images DO NOT require any special tagging. Your post is SFW if it does not include anything to make it explicit or questionable.

  • [Q]: For Questionable Images. Does it include;

  • Suggestive clothing or visible undergarments?
  • Suggestive posing?
  • Softcore fetish, such as TF, pet play, or BDSM?

  • [X]: For Explicit Images. Does it include;

  • Visible/Exposed genitals or nipples?
  • Excessive, non-cartoony violence, blood, or gore?
  • Hard drug use?

2) No pornography or hardcore fetish art!
Do not post pornography/yiff or hardcore fetish art such as snuff, vore, scat, or cub art. Post yiff in /r/yiff.

3) Post but don't spam!
Your own art is more than welcome! The only thing that's unwelcome here is spam. If you have lots of art to post, put it in an album.

4) Credit the artist!
If it is not your own art, please add the artists name in the title and link to their art site in the comments if the submission is not linking to the artist's gallery.

5) No personal attacks!
No personal attacks, no aggressive name calling, following users from post to post, harassment, or doxxing.

6) Stay on topic!
Keep posts related to furries or to the /r/furry community or /r/furry subscribers.

7) Don't steal!
Do not claim or sell as your own creation any commissioned work, artwork, or products that are not your own original work or which includes work you do not have permission to use/sell.

Find us elsewhere!

Telegram: Official /r/furry Telegram (SFW)

Discord: Official /r/furry Discord (SFW)

Steam: redditfurs steam group

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