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futurebeats - experimental beat music

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Share and discuss experimental beat music from all genres and eras.

'Future', here, is a state of mind.



Keep content diverse

  • Do post fresh sounds: share something that sounds different!
  • Do search before posting.
  • Don't repost tunes that have been posted 2 times already.
  • Don't repost tunes that have been posted within the last month.

Keep posts tidy

  • Do keep post titles accurate and informative.
  • Do follow the format (*required fields):

> Artist - Track Name (year, label, genre) [brief remark] - Don't sensationalize and advertise in titles. - Feel free to contextualize and poeticize (briefly!) in titles.

Keep sources clean

  • Do post links to content hosted by the artist or label, if possible.
  • Do post links to legit content hosts.
  • Don't post links to blogspam or click-skimmers.
  • Don't post your own work outside of the weekly self-promotion threads.

Keep it moving FWD**

  • Do bring in new sources, new genres, new sounds, new ideas, new people.
  • Do support and encourage.
  • Do raise substantive critique and voice difference of opinion.
  • Don't be a bigot.
  • Don't monopolize or co-opt.





  • Monday : Self Promotion

Promote your OC here. What have you been working on? What have you released recently?

  • Wednesday : General Discussion

What have you been bumping this week? What are you looking forward to listening to? What have you found recently? If I like ____ , what should I listen to? etc.

  • Friday : New Music Discussion

What new music are you listening to that you are enjoying and why?







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