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Future Funk Airlines: Return to the Source

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♪ For lovers of good music and good times ♪

Bass, techno, grime, funk, deep house, disco, ambient, drum & bass, electro, funk, hip-hop, reggae, R&B, garage, balearic, old school, funk, dubstep, soul, downtempo, afrobeat, chillwave, llamas, funk, and whatever else. Songs, DJ mixes, blog posts, etc.

If it moves you, post it.

Community Guidelines:

  1. No anonymous downvotes. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

  2. Search the subreddit before posting to reduce reposts.

  3. Self-promotion is ok only if you're here for more than just that. When it comes to promoting yourself or your friends, please consider your role here as a part of a community.

  4. Three submissions a day per user is a good rate that won't flood the subreddit. It's definitely not a hard rule, just a rough guideline.

  5. We appreciate music that is new or new to our ears. If it gets played on commercial radio, there are better places to share it than here.

  6. No hate speech.

  7. Please refrain from blatant karma whoring in your headlines.

  8. We try to be open to all styles but some are just consistently subpar. Please seriously reconsider before posting these styles of typically mediocre music: nu disco, trance, prog house, brostep, trap, or vaporwave "future funk".

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