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Anything fuxta related

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Fuxtaposition is .gif based porn splicing of celebrity video clips with visually similar porn clips. The rapid flipping lets your brain fill in the gaps, like how Hollywood uses body doubles for many sex scenes. While we appreciate similar videos like porn-fakes, they are not for this subreddit and will be removed.

We are allowing a new format, the side-by-side video. Instead of a fuxta flipping back and forth, two videos are played beside each other to give the impression that the celeb is involved in porn.


Gif's that are your own fuxta's, no tags are required. Please label with the celebrity involved at minimum, and info on the porn & porn double actress used if possible.

[Material] posts - either your subject in a "fuxtable" situation, or the doppelganger of them in porn. Must include the appropriate tag.

[Meta] posts - for issues you'd like to discuss about the direction of the sub, though mod mail will get to us faster.

Available hosts: Please use Imgur,,,,,,, or Due to recent spam issues, links to other websites will automatically be removed.

Not allowed: [Request] posts, they became far too numerous and caused cause clutter on the main page.

All clips used must be of subjects over 18 at the time of filming. We have a zero tolerance policy, this is a bannable offence.


A very simple method:

• Capture video with quicktime screen recording.

• Import video frames to layers in photoshop - settings at 'selected range only', limit to every 3 frames.

• Then edit with the animation tab. Prepare other gifs so they're all the same size - select all frames - copy frames - paste frames all into one file and reorder them how you want.

• Set delay to 0.06 seconds.

• File - save for web and devices - fuck around in there until it's a usable size and doesn't look crap.

Longwinded but it works.

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