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Read the FAQ for 'getting started'/'how to begin' questions


Information and discussion for people looking to put on lean weight. Please keep discussions relevant to gaining.

You don't have a fast metabolism, you just don't eat enough.

> #BEFORE POSTING > > * Please read the FAQ and use the search function. > > * Please use the appropriate tag:

> [Progress] - for progress pics and stories.

> [Food] - for diet and recipes

> [Help] - for general questions

> #WHAT NOT TO POST > > * Racist, sexist, sexual and general negative content. > > * Natty Policing. Do not blatantly accuse people of steroids. You will be banned. You may politey ask, but do not outright accuse. > > * Asking for medical advice. We are not a replacement for a doctor. If you have a special condition or need advice on an injury, consult your physician. > > * Achievements that will not lead to a constructive discussion, instead post in the weekly Success Sundays thread. > >* 'Critique my Program' posts - instead see our FAQ for suggested routines. > > * Form Checks - Use Form Check Friday over at /r/weightroom. > > * Posts advertising products or services. > > * Clickbait titles. Do not post titles that force people to open the thread to view the question. Temporary bans will be handed out. > > * Requests for shake recipes/reviews, or your own recipes. Please refer to [the FAQ section covering shakes] ( as well as searching previous threads via the Search Function for additional recipes. > > * Unhelpful comments. Please make an attempt to post helpful comments and stay on topic. > [SUB RULES] (

> ###PROGRESS POST REQUIREMENTS: > > * Height, Age, Sex > > * Starting & ending weight > > * Diet & Lifting Routine > > * Time period



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