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Game developer classifieds! Find a job or post an open position!

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Animator : wanted | for hire

Artist : wanted | for hire

Audio : wanted | for hire

Designer : wanted | for hire

Legal : wanted | for hire

Musician : wanted | for hire

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Programmer : wanted | for hire

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DEVELOPER LISTINGS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit the wiki to browse through a list of developers who are looking for contract work. PM a mod if you'd like to be featured. Go to the wiki to read up on what's required.

Welcome to Game Dev Classifieds!

Use this community as a game development classified section to help you find talent, or to help the talent find you! Post an open job position. Pitch your game ideas. Show off your portfolio. Let the Reddit community help build your indie dev team!

Please use the appropriate link flair when you post! If you're posting an ad for hire, use a '[Position] For Hire' flair. If you're posting an ad looking for talent, use a '[Position] Wanted' flair.

If you're posting your portfolio, please add the general position type in the front of the title and include your terms of compensation and employment (Salary, full-time or contract, etc). RECRUITERS ARE WATCHING!

  • [P]rogrammer available! Engine development and graphics processing... [ $30/hr; NY ]

  • [Q]A is looking for work. Console, PC, iPhone, you name it... [ Intern, Contract, full-time; LA ]

Check out examples here (programming), here (art), and here (music).

Note: When you've found what you need, DON'T FORGET TO DELETE YOUR OLD ADS!


Reposting an ad is perfectly fine. The front page sees a lot of churn, and its easy to have an ad lose its relevance over a short period. If you're going to repost an ad, be sure to delete your old one.

NO PRODUCT OR SERVICE ADS. Please refrain from posting ads for a product or service, or plugging them in the comments of other people's ads. This subreddit should only be used to fill an open position or find employment. Failure to comply will result in a ban.

NO GROUPED WANTED ADS. Wanted ads need to be specific to a position. Please do not group multiple open position into a single ad.

DOWN-VOTES HAVE BEEN DISABLED. This is to stop those who are down-voting competing ads.

REPEAT COMMENTS ARE SPAM. Do not copy and paste your comments or you will be banned.


Looks like you got sucked into the spam filter. Just PM mondomaniatrics and I'll sort it out.

Looking for hobbyist game developers and artists instead of industry jobs? Try crossposting in r/INAT


Leave a testimonial on good or bad employee/employer experiences here:

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