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Game Collecting wiki (Please contribute)

Click here to go to the /r/GameCollecting wiki

Anyone can edit the informational sections, so feel free to contribute!

Official Game Collection Gallery

To view the Official Game Collection Gallery, please visit our wiki page

Feel free to add your collection to the wiki page!

The Game Collector's Glossary of Terms

To view the Glossary of Terms, visit our wiki page.

See a term you don't know; check the wiki!

Collector's Resources:

  • Price Charting - Daily updated video game prices for almost every era.

  • DigitPress - A wonderful source for determining loose cart rarity. It isn't perfect, but it's the best you're going to find.

  • Video Game Console Library - A comprehensive guide to video game consoles that are obscure, popular, new, and old. It is run by a team of passionate people dedicated to informative content and accuracy.

  • /r/ConsoleRepair - A great resource for fixing up your busted consoles.

  • Racketboy - Tons of excellent articles for collectors.

  • /r/cade - A great Reddit resource for cabinet collectors. Check KLOV forums for more in depth discussion.

  • RetroCollect - Arguably the best Euro/Pal collecting resource. Elegant design to boot.

  • VGCollect - Made by our community's own MadK, this is a simple and clean tool to organize, track and database all of your games.

  • VGC2 Community driven resource for video game collectables

How to Guides" for Game Collectors

Video Game and Console Trading

If you are creating a game trade within /r/gamecollecting make sure you first post it within gameswap or retrogameswap and then cross post it here.

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