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What is this place?

We're a community of gamers dedicated to investigating ARGs and similar puzzles!

We keep our eyes open for challenges for you to tackle - make sure you keep yours open too! We rely on user contribution to keep content fresh and exciting. If you're not too sure where to start, please read this post.

Make sure to check out our Discord chat server! Come and meet people, have a chat, play some games together and explore some mysteries.

Join us on Discord now!

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  1. Be nice. Seriously.

  2. Spam and troll posts will be removed and the poster banned at the mods' discretion.

  3. Report anything that is completely off topic, spam or a troll post (some kind of evidence on the last one please).

  4. All Discord/subreddit ban-appeals should be made through modmail, not by making posts or messaging individual mods.

  5. Use the subreddit flairs. If your post relates to a specific ARG, include the correct flair. If your post is about ARGs in general, or a new one that does not have a flair set up, use the 'ARG General' flair.

  6. Search the sub and check the FAQ before posting. Duplicate posts that offer nothing new may be removed.

  7. This subreddit is designed for solving and discussion about ARGs, not for hosting them or posting your own trailheads. If you want your ARG to gain traction, try to create a unique or exciting buzz elsewhere that gets noticed by a user. Posts might be removed, situation depending.

See the detailed rules list here.

^^Rules ^^subject ^^to ^^change ^^- ^^check ^^back.

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