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World's Grumpiest Subreddit (/r/gamegrumps)

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For anything about the Youtube gaming channel Game Grumps. Game Grumps is made up of Egoraptor, Danny Sexbang and formerly JonTron. Steam Train is hosted by RubberNinja, joined by either Danny Sexbang or Egoraptor.


  • No posting personal information about the grumps unless they discussed it on the show.

  • No more posting episode links. We have a bot posting episode links now.

  • No rule 34 images. Seriously.

  • Wiki vandalism to make Game Grumps references is not OK. Don't do it, and don't post pictures of it.

  • Please put "WOULD YOU GUYS LIKE THEM TO PLAY THIS GAME?" posts in the links under the menu 'Games...' -> 'Should Play'.

  • Please put "I JUST SENT THIS GAME" posts in the link under the menu 'Games...' -> 'Sent'.

  • If your post references an episode, put the series and/or episode number in the title.

  • Don't be a jerk. That's not lovely at all.

Want to send the Grumps a game to play on the show or a gift?

Send it to: Game Grumps PO Box 3770 Glendale, CA 91221 USA

If you are sending a game, please check this list to see if they have it or not.

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