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For anything about the YouTube gaming channel Game Grumps. Game Grumps is made up of Egoraptor, Danny Sexbang and formerly JonTron. Other Grumps not featured in the main Grumps episodes include RubberNinja, Mortem3r, and Brian Wecht. Game Grumps is edited by Matt Watson & Ryan Magee, and formerly edited by Barry Kramer and Kevin Abernathy.

New to Game Grumps? Check out here for information on the channel and what episodes you should watch as a beginning viewer!


1: No posting personal information about the grumps unless they discussed it on the show.

2: Do not post links to new Game Grumps, Steam Train, Steam Rolled, Grumpcade or any other video posted on the Game Grumps channel. We have a bot that does that for us.

3: No rule 34 images. Seriously. Send them to /r/Polygrumps instead NSFW

4: No Image Macros / Memes that are not directly related to Gamegrumps. (AKA This 'aint Advice Animals)

5: Want to let the grumps know they should play a game? Click HERE!

6: If your post references an episode, put the series and/or episode number in the title.

7: If your post directly relates to an episode such as a video they mentioned, please submit it in the comments of the video itself. This rule only applies if the episode thread is still on the /r/Gamegrumps front page.

8: Don't be a jerk. That's not lovely at all. (Any comments attacking other users, groups of people, name calling, or any general hostility will be removed without notice. You can be constructive without being toxic. Please report comments that you think violate this rule and we will evaluate them.)

9: Discussion about things like JonTron and Kevin's relationship with the Grumps are not allowed here. These are personal matters and they invoke uncivil discussion. Please go to /r/ConspiracyGrumps if you must discuss it.

10: No posting links from /r/RantGrumps or /r/ConspiracyGrumps. Please keep those discussions in their own subreddits, thank you.

11: Low Quality/Low Effort memes and other threads are subject to be removed without warning. Try and put some effort into your joke before posting it so the subreddit is not cluttered with junk.

12: Posts regarding seeing a reference, quote, character, game the Grumps have played, or something they have mentioned on the show, ect. in public will be removed.

Want to send the Grumps a game or a gift?

Send it to: Game Grumps PO Box 3770 Glendale, CA 91221 USA

If you are sending a game, please check this list to see if they have it or not.

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JonTron Discord

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