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Gametales: Legends and sagas of game experiences from both screen and tabletop

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About This Subreddit

Epic sagas, dastardly backstabbing and emergent metagaming. This subreddit is not about describing prescribed game plots. It is a place to recount unexpected, significant, or humorous events that have happened in-game. Creative problem solving. Unexpected interactions. Sweet revenge.

Both computer gaming stories and pen & paper RPG stories are welcome here.

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  • Include the game name at the start of your title:

[EVE Online] One of the biggest scams ever

[Dwarf Fortress] A dwarf with an agenda

  • It may help readers if you can explain any specialist terminology that is in your story

  • After posting, please flair your post

  • This is a place for readers - TLDRs are discouraged

  • Supportive comments that add nothing to the conversation are encouraged!

Post and User Flair

'Story' flair vs. 'Tabletop' or 'Video Game' flair Most tales explain the game mechanics or refer to the game and players. 'Story' flair is for tales written as a narrative account - if a post reads as if it's from a novel and you cannot tell it's a game, then it's a 'Story'.

User Flair You may choose a suggested flair or edit your own flair.

These tabletop RPG tales are great - how do I get into it?

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is a cost-effective introduction to the well-received latest edition of the archetypal RPG (Free PDFs)

Pathfinder is a modification and extension of D&D 3.5. The Pathfinder Beginner Box is widely regarded as a great RPG introduction.

If you find it hard to get 3+ people around a table for a session, Roll20 is the place to play online. If you need players to join you there, visit r/roll20lfg

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In the past, we ran a feature asking for suggestions for community contributions around a theme:

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