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Gaming PC

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  1. New to /r/gamingpc? Read this first!!

Subreddit devoted to the hardware related to PC gaming!

  • Rules and guidelines are located in the wiki. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated on these. Failure to follow rules may result in your post or comment being removed with or without warning. Complaints or Suggestions for the Rules may be relayed through Mod Mail Only.

  • This subreddit is for hardware news that relates to PC gaming, sharing your personal hardware, and build logs.

  • Systems slapped together without care, videos about game benchmarks, or links to self promotion are not allowed.

  • This is not the place for technical support, buying advice or build help! That is /r/techsupport and /r/buildapc respectivly. All such posts will be removed.

  • This subreddit is for the discussion and exchanging of information for computer gaming hardware and builds, but at no time is disrespecting or insulting console gamers allowed!

  • This is not the place for pre-builts, laptops or super budget systems! If your custom built system is unique and you take pride in it, it is welcome.

  • Post your epic builds and win Build of the Month and/or a nomination for Build of the Year!! Build logs are always welcome. Previous winners and nominees can be found here.

  • This subreddit is devoted to the hardware of PC gaming, for the games of PC check out /r/pcgaming. instead!

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