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Looking for a Japanese twink getting railed by two hunky latino men in a hot tub? Trying to figure out the name of the man getting rimmed in a photo you saved four years ago? Need proof that triple penetration is indeed possible? Look no further: leave it up to the Gay Porn Hunters!

(if looking for straight porn/female porn head on over /r/TipOfMyPenis)

Hunts vs. Requests

One of these tags is required or your post will be removed.

  • A [HUNT] is for a specific search that has only ONE answer.

  • A specific video/photograph/GIF

  • A specific porn star or scene
  • Make a post beginning with [HUNT] describing your request, and put links to any relevant source material in the text.

  • A [REQUEST] is for a general search which could have MANY answers.

  • It's a call for suggestions based on:

  • ...content & performers you've seen before.
  • ...fetishes & interests you have.

  • Make a post beginning with [REQUEST] and the hunters will suggest content you may enjoy.

  • Before posting, be sure to check the Frequently Hunted/Requested Porn wiki page to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

A Few Rules

  • No underage content. All individuals must be over 18 years of age. Posts will be removed if there's even the slightest suspicion of underage content. If you see someone posting underage content, please report the post and we'll remove it.

  • Titles must contain either [Hunt] or [Request], be somewhat descriptive, and have at least 45 characters.

  • Please avoid images hosted by tumblr as these links can expire or get taken down. Imgur is the best option.

  • Please do not post referral links or shortened links.

  • This is a sex-positive space and all kinks, fetishes & interests are permitted. That said, if you come across anything illegal please report it.

  • This subreddit is not for friend-lookalike porn. Don't post people you know. You're welcome to ask for a certain type of guy or use a celebrity's photo.

  • Requests for torrent site invites or requests for login info to porn sites is strictly prohibited.

  • All content must feature willing participants who are aware that they are being recorded. Revenge porn and spy cams are not allowed.

  • If you're looking for a male performer from straight porn, please direct your query to /r/TipOfMyPenis first before asking here.

  • Use common sense when posting. If you're unsure if your post might break the rules it's best to message the mods first.


Tips for finding a source

  • Use reverse image search:

  • Google Image Search

  • TinEye Image Search

  • Bing Image Search

  • Rarchives NSFW Image Search

  • Karma Decay Image Search

  • ImageRaider Image Search

  • If the image has a watermark with the name of the studio, check the studio website first.

  • On tumblr posts, check links marked as [source] rather than one marked as [reblogged from].

  • When sifting through pages of similar-looking performers and scenes looking for a match, try looking at:

  • Ears. Ear shape is pretty unique to the individual. Helps discern between similar-looking people

  • Bedspreads/Headboards. Easy to spot from a thumbnail and allow you to rule out options quickly.
  • Furniture/Wallpaper. Sets don't change much and can indicate which studio your video is from.

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