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Looking for a Japanese twink getting railed by two hunky latino men in a hot tub? Trying to figure out the name of the man getting rimmed in a photo you saved four years ago? Need proof that triple penetration is indeed possible? Look no further: leave it up to the Gay Porn Hunters!

(if looking for straight porn/female porn head on over /r/TipOfMyPenis)

Please read the rules before posting. Thank you.

Hunts vs. Requests

One of these tags is required or your post will be removed.

  • A [HUNT] is for a specific search that has only ONE answer.

  • A specific video/photograph/GIF

  • A specific porn star or scene
  • Make a post beginning with [HUNT] describing your request, and put links to any relevant source material in the text.

  • A [REQUEST] is for a general search which could have MANY answers.

  • It's a call for suggestions based on:

  • ...content & performers you've seen before.
  • ...fetishes & interests you have.

  • Make a post beginning with [REQUEST] and the hunters will suggest content you may enjoy.

  • Before posting, be sure to check the FREQUENT SEARCHES wiki page to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

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