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Gay Stories Gone Wild

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Throw away your clothes and your account if you need to. Weekend hook up? A great story from the past? Share and relive your stories.

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Subreddit rules:

  • Use descriptive and memorable title. Try to be more creative than "My first time" or "Craiglist hookup".

  • Please keep descriptions of underage persons to a minimum

  • You can use tags in the title. Examples: [First Time], [Hook Up], [Straight Friend], [Group], [Recent Experience] etc. Also use tags for fetishes that the story features.

  • Please declare if the story is fiction. Reddit hates liars!

  • Short stories, life updates are also welcome.

  • Images and illustrations are allowed. (Certain positions are very hard to describe, yeah?)

  • Not necessary to focus on the actual sex part of the story. But we expect that the story is at least somewhat gay and sexy.

  • X-posting and linking to external sources is allowed.

  • Do not include real names, addresses or other personal details.

  • If you update or extend the story add UPDATED to the first line of the post, so it's more visible.

  • If your story is divided into multiple parts, please link to the previous posts.

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