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geekboners: Beautiful geeky ladies

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This subreddit is dedicated to the geeky women of science, scifi, video games, anime, fantasy, and any and every geeky genre that's out there. This subreddit is not spoiler free.

Submission Rules

  1. Ladies only.
  2. State the full name of the geeky lady in the title.
  3. Include the name of the fandom or lady's profession in the title [in brackets]. Movies and shows should be full titles.
  4. Direct links to images only. No albums, videos, gifs, webpages, or composite images. All posts must be a direct link to a single image on a RES compatible site.
  5. No Low-Res pictures. Either the height or width should be at least 600px. Pictures may not have large borders.
  6. No overly photoshopped pics.
  7. No NSFW posts.
  8. No amateur cosplay.
  9. Ladies must be professionals; actresses, models, scientists, writers, et cetera. They must be in the public sphere.
  10. The lady must have been at least 18 years old at the time the photo was taken.
  11. No reposts of content within the last 60 days or from the top 100 posts.
  12. Adhere to reddiquette.
  13. No complaining about the tags that OP uses as long as they are in line with established rules.

Keep it classy!

Note on Cosplayers

In order to comply with rule 8 the cosplayer must first be a professional model, actress, or public figure. A good rule of thumb is if they have a Wikipedia entry.

In order to comply with rule 3 just "[Cosplay]" in the title isn't enough. The fandom or character they're cosplaying as still must be stated. Example: "[Cosplay] Kristen Bell as Slave Leia."

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