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Geeky Girls

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1) There must be something comic, video game, or geek culture related in the submitted image. Essentially this subreddit is "girls in superhero or star wars clothes". Enjoy.

2) No Nudity, mark incredibly suggestive posts as NSFW, feel free to link to nudity in the comments.

3) Girls pretending to be Geeks are more than welcome.

4) Cosplay isn't banned here, but we encourage you to post over at the excellent /r/cosplaygirls instead.

5) Post as many 'Mary Janes' (read: Jeans and a shirt) here as you like. Also, /r/AmazingSpiderman601










/r/NotCosplayGirls (parent sub, now defunct)

Is this you?: "Hey, this girl isn't Geeky and that makes me angry for some reason."

This sub doesn't measure Geekiness levels. To do so would be pathetic and pointless. Any further complaining will be passed on to /r/GateKeeping.

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