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Because two options aren't enough for everyone

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For folks who don't fit the gender binary or are interested in questioning it. Please feel free to join us and discuss!

I strive to maintain this as a free speech zone and a safe space. I prefer a more hands-off approach, and as your moderator, I'm here for any issues you may have and I am open to any suggestions or criticisms you may have. Please feel free to use the "message the moderators" option below, or to PM me directly. Please treat each other with the respect and understanding we are all due as fellow human beings, and please remember to treat others with maturity, intelligence, and compassion. When we all work together, we can achieve a welcoming and beautiful space for all of us. Please let your upvotes and downvotes decide the value of content and commentary, and I'll work hard to keep things running smoothly on my end.

If you're returning to our little subreddit after an absence or if you are new friends, please, Welcome Home!

~ CedarWolf

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Our Official IRC chatroom

Useful Links:

Gender and Sexuality 101

Transgender and Genderqueer Resources

Genderqueer Links and Books

Resources for Parents of Gender-Variant Children

A Map of Gender-Diverse Cultures

Genderbread Person 2.0

A List of Unisex Names

Free binders for youth in need (21 and under)

  1. Come check out our IRC chatroom!

You are loved. Smile, the world needs it.

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