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Gentlemanboners but now in gif form!

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Rules (Hover)

I. Ladies in formal attire

  • This is a PG-13, SFW subreddit. Ladies (18+ only) should be in formal attire that would be acceptable for dining out in a fine restaurant, attending the opera, or walking the red carpet. Jeans are not acceptable.

II. Full name in title

  • The full name of the lady should be in the title.

III. No Blogspam, direct links only.

  • Direct links only, we allow .gif, .gifv, .ogg, .mp4, and .webm formats. (No Added text, No Slideshows, No blogspam and no albums.) Approved hosts are: imgur, Gfycat & minus

IV. Minimum gif size is 150x150

  • No side smaller than 150 pixels.

V. No Low Quality Gifs, no Gif Collages

  • Low quality gifs & gfys will be removed. What constitutes a Low Quality Gif? Read here

VI. No Reposts

  • No reposts from the past 30 days or of the top 100 all-time.

VII. NSFW Links & Offensive Comments

  • Offensive comments will be removed and can lead to banning. This includes NSFW links.

VIII. Warnings & Ban

  • Warnings may be given, bans will be given if the offense is severe enough or user is a spambot/novelty account.

IX. No Spoilers

  • Posting spoilers of TV shows/movies will result in a permanent ban.

X. Limit of 5 posts per 24 hours.

  • You are only allowed to post maximum 5 posts within 24 hours.

+ Other Fine Establishments

  • /r/cutegirlgifs
  • /r/classicscreengifs

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