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Georgism: This land is your land.

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Welcome! See our FAQ and Resources - and don't hesitate to ask questions.


Georgism (otherwise known as geoism) is an economic philosophy holding that the economic value derived from land, including natural resources and natural opportunities, should belong equally to all residents of a community, but that people own the value that they create themselves.


The aim of this subreddit is to:

  • Educate people about the problems we face and what we can do to fix them.

  • Discuss potential measures, goals, and methods that could make our economies fairer, and the specifics of implementations of remedies to problems.

  • Organise meaningful political movements with the aim of enacting peaceful change.


1) Do not be uncivil against another person or group of people.

2) Ensure posts and comments remain relevant to the topic or aims of the subreddit.

See: Moderator Policy.

Friendly Subreddits

  • /r/geolibertarianism
  • /r/GeorgeDidNothingWrong
  • /r/libertarian
  • /r/basicincome
  • /r/redflag
  • /r/capitalism
  • /r/economics
  • /r/minarchy
  • /r/liberty

Useful Links

/r/georgism on Twitter

Georgist Directory

Moderator Policy

"Not a republic of landlords and peasants; not a republic of millionaires and tramps; not a republic in which some are masters and some serve. But a republic of equal citizens, where competition becomes cooperation, and the interdependence of all gives true independence to each; where moral progress goes hand in hand with intellectual progress, and material progress elevates and enfranchises even the poorest and weakest and lowliest."

– Henry George

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