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Get Disciplined!

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Everyone needs help in becoming who they want to be. Help others attain self-discipline, by sharing what helps you.


Rules for Submitting

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  • Do care about quality and respect.

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  • [Meta] for any thoughts or discussion regarding the getdisciplined subreddit.

  • [Question] for questions regarding getting disciplined and improving your life.

  • [Discussion] for discussion of concepts relating to getting disciplined and improving your life.

  • [NeedAdvice] for posts asking for help with regards to getting disciplined and improving your life.

  • [Method] for posts discussing a particular method of getting disciplined.

  • [Advice] for posts where users want to share key information about what worked for them when getting disciplined.

  • [Plan] for posts asking for advice regarding a certain plan of action towards achieving a goal.

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