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Gay Furry Porn/Yiff

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Formatting your post

  • Format links like this: Title [Artist]

  • If posting an album of images with mixed artists, put [VA] in your title.

  • Remember to add flair to appropriate posts. (Comic, Flash, Femboy, or Video)

  • If you rehost images to imgur, please go to the imgur account settings and enable "Upload images in high quality".

  • Please note that if your link does not go to an approved domain, then it will need to be reviewed by a moderator before it shows up on the sub. Message the mods if you have a link outside the domains listed, and it will be reviewed as soon as possible.


Reverse image search:

It's highly encouraged to link back to the image source or artist page. If you don't know the artist, use one of these to find it:



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Emote list M - updated 6/10/13. The main cast is complete unless you have more vectors to give me!

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