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Ghetto Glamour Shots

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For people who have had completely over-the-top trashy, ridiculous, or "ratchet" pictures taken as individuals or as a group, e.g. ghetto

The more effort they have put into making the picture look professional, the better, e.g. glamour shots

That being said, your faith in humanity will suffer. Greatly.

::::::::::::⇒ Tips for finding content ⇐::::::::::::


  1. Picture must be trashy.
  2. Picture must be posed.
  3. The more people posed, the better.
  4. If the picture has a backdrop, the betterest.
  5. No racism

Examples include but are not limited to prom photos, couples photos, types of portraits you would get at Sears, etc.

Things that will not be tolerated (you will be banned, no warnings):

  • Personal and/or identifying information
  • Derogatory and inciting comments

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