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r/gifsgonewild is an exclusive community where adults can share their bodies, in gif form, without receiving any negative feedback.

Self-posts only please.

The gifs here are 100% free! Don't ask for and/or offer money, upvotes, etc (comments and love are okay, you get the idea).

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1) Sexy self-posts are what this place is about! Please no still photographs or videos. No gifs of current or past lovers, even with consent.

2) Absolutely no hate please! Disrespectful or demeaning remarks about gender, race, orientation or any other subject area will not be tolerated. This includes comments and private messages to posters and/or moderators. First offense may be followed by a warning, or a ban. Don't try to argue it by saying you were unaware of the rule.

3) Every post here is NSFW. In some way, shape, or form. Keep it sexy!

4) Pornography,erotica and selling don’t belong here. Take it to a more appropriate subreddit.

5) The moderators are here to guide and help. We all are here for you. If you are being harassed, or are receiving inappropriate comments on your posts or private messages please do not hesitate to contact us. We will take care of it.

6) Personal attacks or name-calling of any kind will not be tolerated. It will result in your comment being removed with a warning. If it occurs again your account will be banned from the subreddit. Name guessing is strictly prohibited. Guess someones name in a PM or in a comment and you will be banned without a warning.

7) Moderate r/gifsgonewild amongst yourselves. If people aren't following the basic rules, ask them (politely) to comply with regulations. Message moderators and/or report violations of the posting guidelines.

8) Posters please use the standard identifications symbols found in other NSFW subreddits. (f), (m), (f+m), etc. Everyone forgets once in a while, and you will be reminded. If you catch yourself doing it, please delete and resubmit with proper gender tagging.

Special shout outs to r/sex and r/gonewild for inspiring some of these guidelines.

Any questions on the GIF making process? Contact the mods for help.

Thank you, please enjoy yourselves, and please be respectful!

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