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ALWAYS ask for a comment before trading, and ALWAYS check your post. Message the modmail before trading with another user to get a background check on them, from the moderators.


START HERE: 2-minute GCX Safe Trading Guide!

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Quick Tips: Protect yourself first.

  1. GCX GOLDEN RULE: A trader must comment on your GCX trading post before sending you a PM. Be sure to check your post for the comment. Many scammers can't comment.

  2. CLICK THE USERNAMES to make sure the username of the PM and comment match. Check the account age. Don't match? Message us immediately.

  3. Search their username on /r/GCXRep and The Universal Scammer List. They might have been banned or faked trades to build rep.

  4. Click on their account profile. New account? No posts? Zero trading history? Don't trade! Report these accounts to us.



This sidebar list is a quick reference. You are responsible for reading and following the detailed rules wiki, linked here. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them.


1. GCX Golden Rule: Users must comment on GCX posts before sending private message.

2. Active Redditor: Redditors must meet age and activity requirements before posting, commenting, or trading, and only active redditors can be traded with. See details here.

3. Last Word: Moderators may restrict a trade or user at their discretion. Mods reserve the right to restrict a user's posting privileges if a user refuses a request for information regarding the legitimacy of a trade or gift card.

Trade Restrictions

4. Offering/trading account balances is not permitted without prior approval. See details here.

5. Offering/trading more than $99 in TOTAL VALUE of gift cards is not permitted without prior approval. See details here.

6. No cash for cash trades. See details here

Posting Rules

7. Post Title Format: [H] "item" [W] "item" State what gift cards you're offering and their total amount in your title. Incorrectly formatted posts will be removed.

8. No more than two threads every 24 hours. One post for one trade, one post for another trade. Don't post for the same trade twice.

9. User flair must be visible at ALL times. Report any users hiding their flair.

10. Do not post a PSA. Send us a modmail.

Trader Conduct

11. Be EXCELLENT to each other. Abusive or derogatory speech directed at other users will not be tolerated.

12. Follow proper trading etiquette. Do NOT interfere with other user's trades ("trade sniping"), or post your opinions of trade offers you aren't involved in.

Subreddit Customs

13. Flair completed trade posts as "CLOSED."

14. Report all scams or suspicious behavior. Use this link. Your reports help prevent future scams and to keep this subreddit safe.

15. Do NOT PM the moderators. If you require moderator assistance, message the modmail.

16. No reselling. Do not re-sell gift cards or balances you obtained from /r/giftcardexchange.

Cash Payment Options

  • Include a direct link to your GCX Rep Profile when you post, or when you comment on someone's post/PM them. It's a good first impression.

  • If you want to avoid arguments, don't publicly post an offer that "one ups" another offer until the first offer is declined. This isn't against the rules to do, but it might annoy some people. Just comment that you PM'ed an offer to play it safe.

  • /r/beermoney

  • /r/Swagbucks

  • /r/GetPerk

  • /r/dogemarket

  • /r/gamesale

  • /r/gameswap

  • /r/steamgameswap

  • /r/trade




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