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Girls In Yoga Pants (/r/girlsinyogapants)

Girls in Yoga Pants on RedditPics


No underage/questionable age (<18) or 'creep shots' (voyeur pics) - please report any you spot. We remove any we notice & take it seriously reddits official view on this.

Do not post /r/gonewild posts here without the original owners permission. All those who do so will have their posts removed/be banned from the subreddit.

Image host notice - Paid per click host sites that are linked to in /r/GirlsInYogaPants will be deleted. They are intrusive, we get complaints about links to viruses, the content is mediocre at best and they add nothing to the community. Sites like ImageChili, ImagePorter, ImageTwist are what I'm talking about. If you think this is unfair or just straight up wrong, message me and I'll hear you out.


Pretty much just that.

Avoid reposting pics of Jen Selter

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