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Girls Kissing

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{ NSFW – nudity / SOFT softcore }

subReddit for pics of women kissing

18+ years of age only. Kissing only.

That means: No Sex, only kissing.

We recommend using imgur to host images.

  • Link directly to an image if JPG

  • Link to normal GIFV page if GIFV

Use direct links to images and GIFV links because they work better with mobile Apps and Reddit Enhancement Suite

Videos with sound must include [video] in the title. Use video hosts compatible with Reddit in-line player (the play button).

The sub is for women kissing. Don't post sex, keep it about the kissing.

No genital play.

No body fluids.

No penises.

Don't post porn, unless edited down to kissing, only.

Please report any inappropriate links.

Please report and downvote links that include sexual contact. Posts shouldn't even imply genital play, if there's more than kissing then it belongs somewhere else.

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