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Rules | | Description ---|---|---- 1. Direct Links to Contests | | All links must be a direct link to the sweepstakes. Referral links are allowed, and encouraged. 2. Reposts every 48h | | Reposts once every 48hours. If someone has already posted a link to a sweepstakes, you can repost as soon as 48 hours pass. /u/Giveaways_Bot will enforce this. If someone is violating this, comment the original link on their post and mods will remove it. If only one prize is being given away, even if there are multiple entry methods, only the one entry method is allowed per 48 hours rule. 3. Spam Filter | | Sometimes posts get caught in spam filter (Won't show up on /new). If this happens, message the mods with a link to the thread and it will be approved. 4. Don't Repost before 48h | | Do not repost the same link before 48 hours is up 5. Descriptive Title | | Please include a descriptive yet brief title. Also include the contest end date in format MM/DD/YYYY (or MM/DD which assumes current year) 6. Self-Promotion | | If you host giveaways for others or yourself on your site, you can only promote your site with 5 links per day. 7. No URL Shorteners | | Avoid URL Shorteners. Check Repost Tool can show you direct referral links. 8. No Purchase Necessary/No Download Required | | All contests must have a No Purchase Necessary method to enter. They also cannot require you to download anything to enter (optional entries that ask you to download are allowed) 9. Banned Giveaway Items | | Please post all CSGO items (Skins/Weapons) to /r/pcgiveaways or /r/GameRelatedGiveaways as they are no longer allowed in /r/giveaways. 10. Don't be a **** | | This one is pretty simple, if your behavior is having a net negative influence on the subreddit, then you are probably being a jerk. No warnings will be given for violators of this rule, just a ban. Also, please only post Giveaways you are eligible to win. 11. Automated Posters & Multiple Accounts | |Having automated methods of submitting posts is allowed but the Bot may remove your post if you use are constantly stealing posts from users when the 48h period is up. Using multiple accounts to bypass Repost limit is also disallowed.

If you see a duplicate thread within 48 hours of it's original posting please report it and include the link to the OP so that the mods can remove it. Your reports help keep this sub clean and spam free and we greatly appreciate it!

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