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Welcome to Gonewildchubby!

This is a safe place for ladies of the chubby variety to share their lovely nude bodies. Gonewildchubby is a judgement free zone; ALL sizes are invited to post!

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> Interested in obtaining a verification flair? > Submit a 3 photo verification album OR be verified in one of our partner subreddits.

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> ## Rules

> 1. Posters/viewers must be 18+. > 1. HATE SPEECH PROHIBITED; violators of this rule will be immediately banned and specifically reported to reddit. > 1. Respect the anonymity of posters. Do not post links to personal info in comments or contact users personally and attempt to figure out who they are. > 1. Sorry, guys. This subreddit is for female posters only. Please do not post photos solely of men. > 1. Couples photography/video is permitted if and only if both parties have consented to its distribution. Please flair your posts by clicking the "flair" link on the right side of the submission. > 1. Photos must be amateur and of yourself. Pictures that appear to be taken professionally or edited with photoshop will be removed. > 1. Don't be a creep. If you spam a poster to the point that she becomes uncomfortable, you will be banned. > 1. Do not hesitate to report harassing comments or PMs. Never argue with a troll. If you are continuously harassed please contact the moderators.

> ## Friends of GWChubby

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> Chubby
> LeggingsGoneWild
> Perkychubby
> PussyMound
> Stuffers

If you sell sexual goods (i.e. videos, kik/snapchat services, etc) you are welcome to post links to your services in the comments of your photos.

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