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Gone Wild Couples

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This Reddit is NSFW. Gone Wild Couples is the place for adult couples to post photos and videos of themselves in the nude and/or engaged in sexual activity in exchange for karma. All photos must contain at least two people. All participants must be at least 18.

We suggest posting more than just an extreme, close-up penetration photo. These are less likely to receive large amounts of Karma.

We highly recommend you not to post faces. Hotlinking is a bitch we must deal with everyday and once is in the Internet, it can't be removed.

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  1. Couples+ only - The content must clearly have at least two participants as this sub-reddit is specifically for content including couples (or more). If you want to post a one person pic or vid, add it to an album that includes couples' content too and it will be welcome. Edges of body parts, ambiguous appendages, and cumshots don't count.
  2. Your original amateur content - The content must include you and you must have every right to post (including permission from all involved participants). It must also be amateur in nature.
  3. Be respectful - Be polite and kind to anyone with the bravery to submit photos of themselves. Breaking this rule once will result in a warning, again will result in a ban.
  4. If you don't want to see a photo/video, don't open it. If you don't like a photo/video, simply move on.
  5. Report trolls instead of arguing with them. That's what they want, and we will keep an eye on public offensive comments.
  6. Allowed hosts - We do not allow large popular porn sites such as PornHub, YouPorn, xhamster, etc. We recommend sticking to sites such as imgur and gfycat.
  7. DO NOT EVER expose another Redditor without their consent. It is against Reddiquette and we foster an anonymous environment for all users who wish to remain so. Breaking this rule will result in immediate ban.
  8. No Selling - We don't mind if known sellers contribute content here too, but the content itself must be free, must not be an advertisement, and you may not engage in any selling inside this sub.


Get verified by posting a picture containing at least two people holding a card. On that card should be: >1. Your username. >2. Today's date. >3. A mention of /r/gonewildcouples OR any other "gonewild" subreddit as long as the date is today and it matches your username. >4. Mention in anyway possible the word Verification and its varieties on the topic of your post, to make it easier to find and grant you the flair :).

Read here for further details!


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