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GWC: Where Redditors can flaunt their curves (/r/gonewildcurvy)

>About GonewildCurvy

A secure community where Female Redditors can show their nude or partially nude bodies. It is geared towards women with a shapely figure, but anyone is free to post!


Before you can submit your pictures, you have to Verify.

It's easy! Send the Moderators a picture of yourself holding a hand-written card with the date, your user name and "/r/gonewildcurvy", with the word Verification in the post title and you will be an Approved Submitter.

Don't delete your Verification post! It is used for reference and if you delete it you'll lose the verification tag.

Verification taking too long? If we don't grant you your verification flair within 24 hours, message the Mods and we'll get to it right away.

>Couples Posts

You'll need Couples Verification first; like the single verification but you both should be in the picture. All other rules apply, and couples posts need to be tagged accordingly: [F+M] , [F+F] , [F+T]. You will get a pink-and-blue verification tag.

>House Rules

  1. 18+ for posters and viewers

  2. No trolls or offensive comments/PMs. It's common sense and you will get yourself banned after one incident. No warnings.

  3. Do not hesitate to report trolls or offensive posters, you're doing the whole community a favor.

  4. Must be amateur and must be of yourself/consenting other; consent of partners is shown via Verification.

  5. You can only post photos of your man if you are in the photo too; please use the [M+F] tag for couples pictures.

  6. If you want to post your girlfriend's/SO photos, the first post must be a verification picture.

  7. No close-up pussy shots if submitted as a single picture; albums of full-body pics with an occasional pussy close-up are OK; the same goes for penises: only accepted if there is a woman playing with it, and even so close-ups are only accepted within albums.

  8. GWC is not for offers or requests of private exchanges or contact; it is OK to encourage viewers of your submitted pics to PM you but text posts offering or requesting private exchanges are not what GWC is about and will be removed.

  9. NO posting or hinting of personal info!! You think you recognized someone? Keep it to yourself or you will be banned.

  10. NO disrespect for the Moderators: we're here to enforce the rules and keep GWC as intended, and nobody knows better than the Mods what GWC is about.

  11. If you're female, but not 'born that way'...please use a [T], [CD], or [?] tag to let everyone know that what they are clicking on might be a surprise.

  12. NO commercial activities of any kind allowed, and that includes paid camming, panty selling and any and all forms of interaction that involve money.

>Friends of GWC

137,738 subscribers - a community for 2 years - last post 9 months ago [+]