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Gonewild Stories

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Let's hear your true sex stories (all participants 18+). We'll work on the honor system (in regards to trueness). There are other places to post erotic fiction. Your stories can be sexy or funny, whatever you want.

Feel free to post pictures to go along with the story if you have them.

Inspired by /r/GoneWild. Please visit them for the sexiest pictures on Reddit. If you have a story that is a work of fiction, please post it at/r/EroticLiterature.

Posting Guidelines

  • Any stories with persons under the age of 18 will be removed and the OP banned. This is not negotiable if your country/state/etc allows it or not.

  • Please note posts by accounts less than a day old will be automatically removed.

  • Tag with [F],[M],[MF],[FM],[FF],[MM],[MMF],[FMM],[MFM],[FFM],[FMF],[MFF],[TM],[MT],[FT],[TF],[Group]. Only these exact tags will work or your post will be automatically removed.

  • Stories linked from other sites will be removed and users posting them will be considered as spam.

Please report rude and aggressive behavior. Posts containing sexual acts with minors or assault/rape will be removed and the original poster will be banned.

Please be accepting of other people's interests. There's no need to comment on a story that you didn't like because it isn't your specific fetish.

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