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Posts that are long, and quite good.

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>There are many subreddits that link to awesome reddit comments. Some subreddits however will often link to one-liners or very short anecdotes. On this sub, we like loooong great reads. We hope you do too!

>The basic requirements are as follows:

>GOOD is + 30 karma

>LONG is for greater than 3000 characters

>Additionally, this is a curated subreddit. Weak-sauce submissions may still be removed at moderator discretion.


>This subreddit is largely fed via a bot that scans a curated list of subreddits for comments that meet the criteria of both being +30 score or above, and 3000 characters or longer. The current list of subreddits that are being watched can be found [here].

>This list is always in flux. If you have any suggestions for subs that should be added to this list, send a modmail.

>If you want to make your own submission, (including from subreddits not listed above) you are welcome to, but please make sure it fits the criteria of +30 score and > 3000 characters.


>* Be civil to each other

>* Posts submitted must follow the criteria of being both +30 and greater than 3000 characters. (The line has to be drawn somewhere). You can use a site like this to quickly do a character check.

>* Linked comments that are mainly comprised or large chunks of quotes with little original content in between may be removed. In practice, it's best to look for comments that don't heavily use quotes.

>* No brigading

For Other Mods:

> Does your sub have a decent level of discussion and you wish to be tracked? pm me.

> Are you a moderator of a subreddit that does Not wish to be tracked? I will respect all requests, just pm me and ask to be removed.

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