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Google Play Deals

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Welcome to /r/googleplaydeals where we are dedicated to finding the best deals in the Google Play Store.


  1. Specify deal category at the front of your title: [Movies] for Movies, [TV] For TV, [Apps] for Apps, etc. Any untagged submission will be deleted.
  2. Include item price. This can be done at the end of your title by using parenthesis (Free). It is suggested, but not required, that you include previous price as well.
  3. Specify a game deal by using the [Games] tag in addition to the [Apps] tag: [Apps][Games] Awesome Game (Free)
  4. Use a self-post for closely related deals instead of spamming multiple link submissions.
  5. Close an expired deal by editing the post flair.
  6. Post deals on in-app purchases.
  7. Report posts that violate any of these rules.


  1. Submit links to sites other than the Google Play Store (a self post is allowed for detailed instructions/deal information).
  2. Self promote.
  3. Post free trials.
  4. Post questions/metas/discussions without asking mod approval. Most of the time this type of post would be better suited for another subreddit. A list of Android/Google related subreddits can be found here.
  5. Post permanently free items - these aren't "deals".

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