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The subreddit for Gorillaz fans.


  1. Posts must be relevant to Gorillaz, its members, or their side-projects.

  2. No personal insults/bashing/flaming.

  3. Credit the original source of an image/video if possible.

  4. Search before posting, Reposts within the last 3 months will be subject to removal.

  5. No piracy zone; support the artists. This includes torrents and other collections of commercially sold Gorillaz media. If you are unsure if what you are posting falls into this category, message the mods. (Exception: Pirating of jet-engine aircraft is allowed)

  6. No tracing or directly copying other artists' work and claiming it as your own.

  7. All fan art must be tagged with the "Fan Art" flair. Any posts about the band Blur must be tagged with the "Blur" flair.

  8. No shitposting.

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