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Graphic Design: news, tips, resources, rants and raves

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Graphic Design

NEWS, INSPIRATION, THEORY and RESOURCES for visual communicators, including:

  • Logo & Identity Design

  • Print Design - Books, Magazines, Brochures, Posters

  • Commercial Illustration and Iconography

  • Signs & Infographics

  • Branding & Advertising

  • Motion Graphics & Kinetic Typography

  • Self posts and discussions on: graphic design theory; ground-breaking and contemporary graphic design; examples of great, high-profile design; examples of poor, high-profile design; history of graphic design & print; tips and techniques; design movements and trends; technology (digital or craft); professionalism in design (including careers or legal concerns).

Submission Policy

  1. Do not post spec work, spec contests, links to logo creation sites etc. Legitimate (contractual) hiring posts are permitted but we also recommend: /r/forhire; /r/jobs; /r/picrequests -- Posting spec work of any kind will result in a ban from the subreddit.

  2. Do not post your own work solely for the purpose of critique. Inspirational professional work/technique submissions only, low-scoring (non-inspiring) posts of this nature may be removed. No critiques or critique requests in titles, /r/design_critiques and /r/logo_critique services these with a great community that are willing to tear shreds out of your work. /r/idesignedthis is a new community just for showing off design work. Don't just self-promote

  3. Do not request free design consultancy. e.g. I'm a non-designer that needs help, what direction should I take my project in? This also includes help vectorizing a raster logo, help with your non-profits poster etc. You can ask /r/picrequests for those type of things.

  4. Do not post memes, including established memes, trending memes, advice animals, image macros, rage comics, comics, pics-with-text, email, smartphone and facebook screencaps etc. See /r/designmemes if that's your thing.

  5. No unsanctioned bots. All detected bot comments and posts will be removed and the account banned with prejudice.

  6. Read reddiquette & selfpromotion

  7. No typeface identification requests. Use /r/identifythisfont instead.

Posts that break these rules may be removed without warning. Please report any posts which break these rules, to maintain the quality of the subreddit.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.


Chat to the community at: or use your IRC Client.

OP with instructions, thanks champ-ooh.

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