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Graphic Design: news, tips, resources, rants and raves

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Submission Policy

  1. No solicitation contests, free consultancy, or spec work. Contractual posts belong in /r/forhire, /r/DesignJobs, or /r/jobs.

  2. No self-promotion

  3. Be respectful: reddiquette.

  4. No critiques. Post in the weekly feedback friday thread or checkout /r/design_critiques, /r/logo_critique, and/r/idesignedthis.

  5. No crappy design, memes, or screenshots. See /r/CrappyDesign or /r/designmemes.

  6. No typeface identification. Use /r/identifythisfont instead.

  7. "How is this done?" belongs in the Tech Tuesday thread.

  8. No purely artistic or aesthetic submissions. Designs must convey an idea or message. If you're not sure, see: /r/Art, /r/Illustration, or /r/graphic_art

  9. No unsolicited polls/surveys.

Please report any posts which break these rules, to maintain the quality of the subreddit.

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