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We are a small but thriving community dedicated to the discussion of all things graphic novels! Have no idea where to start? Hit up the FAQ's to learn how to get into this fun and engaging book reading experience.


  1. No pirated content or discussion of how to obtain pirated content. This subreddit is for the discussion of all things graphic novels.

  2. Be nice and don't be a dick. Read and understand reddiquette. Then read it again.

  3. Please keep the conversation about the content. This sub is for discussion about graphic novels and not the industry itself.

  4. See rule #1. This is not the place to discuss content that you have illegally obtained or wish to obtain. We will not tolerate repeat offenders and are ban happy when it comes to this rule.

  5. We don't allow spam. This includes: advertisements (including usernames), announcements, solicitation, or other promotions about a company, site, blog, video, app, podcast, or product. Promotion of anything owned by you, or someone affiliated with you, even if not monetized. Referral, affiliate, invite, or discount links/codes.

If you are an original content creator you are encouraged to reach out to mods via modmail for pre-approval if you would like to have your content featured in the sub, or to participate in an AMA about your work.

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