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Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy is an American medical drama television series created by Shonda Rhimes.

The series premiered in 2005 on ABC where it still airs, and has recently premiered its 14th season.

Grey's Anatomy follows the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital where each day means facing new challenges, both personally and professionally, and discovering what matters most in life.

From successes in the operating room and mistakes in the bedroom, to humorous exchanges in the elevator and dramatic moments in the ER, the doctors learn and grow from their experiences and are there for one another through the good and the bad.

Visitors of this sub are encouraged to discuss the spin-off series, Private Practice as well.


  1. No requests for illegal downloads or streaming. This includes providing said links as well, whether they be through comments or arranging private messages to do so. This also includes mentioning any site where illegal streaming is located in general. We are the unofficial subreddit for the TV show and we'd like to respect the cast and crew by not allowing or facilitating the illegal sharing of their work.

  2. No promo/preview clips from unofficial sources.

  3. If your post pertains to an episode (and potential spoilers in that episode) please put the season and episode inside brackets at the beginning of the post title. For instance [S09E20 Spoilers]. If your post pertains to Private Practice, simply state that in the brackets. For instance [Private Practice S03E04 Spoilers]. If your post does not follow this format verbatim, it will be removed.

  4. Do not post explicit spoilers in the title of your post. - For instance: Derek is Luke's father.

  5. Spoilers in text: [your spoiler here](/spoiler) will appear as your spoiler here. This is encouraged but not strictly mandatory if your post is properly tagged in the title.

  6. All posts must be relevant to Grey's Anatomy.

  7. No memes or macroimages unless they directly show an image from Grey's Anatomy

  8. Our main watching starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Time during the show's actual US airing. Any spoilers posted before the time that they air during that time slot will be considered leaked information and will result in a ban. This includes posting said information in the discussion threads.

  9. Don't be rude. Dissenting opinions are welcome and encouraged here, but they can be expressed in a respectful and mature manner. Just behave like an adult.

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