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Grool = Girl Drool

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grool = girl drool. Grool is not squirting. It is the lube that women produce when they are genuinely aroused. This reddit is dedicated to women who are obviously enjoying themselves.


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Rules for Posting and General Etiquette:

  1. Any links that require a click-thru or that generate income-per-click are banned.

  2. Links that re-direct to pay style sites are banned. xHamster/XNXX and such are fine.

  3. If you create and upload content, it needs to be on imgur, videobam or SexyKarma. User-created content from other hosts will be removed.

  4. Users submitting through imgur are encouraged to watermark their images to prevent theft, as is often done in /r/gonewild.

  5. Mobile redirects to apps such as Badoink and others will be banned.

  6. Users repeatedly submitting spam will be banned from posting and will be forwarded /r/spam

  7. Commenting on threads: We like that users submit their own content. Please don't creep on them so hard that they leave.

  8. Grool is not the place to sell anything, such as but not limited to panties, clothing, pictures or services. Such posts will be removed promptly

  9. Posts stating that they are of somebody else will be flagged until permission to post from the subject can be verified. To verify, please see the instructions in the stickied post.

Any scenarios in which the subject is or is claimed to be under the age of 18 will result in an immediate ban followed by an alert to the reddit admins.

If you have any suggestions for rules or changes to the subreddit, send us a message and we'll hear you out!

Thanks, and enjoy the Grooly Goodness!

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