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Posting a video? Avoid a ban: Read the Video Policy

[Public Service Message]

Question Threads are banned.

Use the Weekly Questions Thread to ask questions.

Policy Change Information

Ideas & feedback? Post in /r/IdeasforGTAGlitches.

Please read the rules. All of them. They are for your benefit and everybody else who uses /r/GTAGlitches. If you see a post that is breaking the rules, please use the report feature.


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  1. Please submit a full text based guide if you are going to link a video of a glitch, provided it meets our Video Policy. Failure to do so will result in a removal of the post. Continued breaches will result in a ban.

  2. Do not ask for a payment of any sort. You get one warning, second offense is a ban.

  3. Do not post a Gamertag or PSN ID anywhere on the subreddit. PM a user if you would like to play online with them.

  4. Do not report any users to any Rockstar source, or discuss doing so. This will result in a ban on the first offense.

  5. Posts must have a relevant title, not ALL CAPS.

  6. Check to make sure that the glitch or question you are posting hasn’t been posted before. If you have an improvement to an already posted glitch, mark your post as [Improvement].

  7. Do not request others to do glitches or get money for you in-game. If you want a specific car duplicated for you, make a post here.

  8. Make sure to put the appropriate flair on your post. Note that Questions Threads are banned. Use the Daily Questions Thread. The "Question" flair is no longer applicable to new threads and must not be used.

  9. Use the "PATCHED" button if the glitch has been patched and the post is less than 7 days old.

  10. Do not spam content or link to your own YouTube channel without giving a proper text tutorial.

  11. Stay civilized. Rude, harassing, or otherwise unnecessary remarks in the comments will result in a removal of the comment.

  12. The moderators will remove any posts that they feel are breaking rules or unnecessary.


Tags to use:

> ## [PSA]

Use a [PSA] post tag to designate your post as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) thread.


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Do you have ideas or feedback for GTAGlitches? Submit to /r/IdeasforGTAGlitches.


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