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it's gone wild cosplay

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Welcome to /r/gwcosplay!

  • This is a self-post sub. Post your own original photo, not ones that were taken off the internet. Fail to follow the rules will result in a ban!

  • Report anything offensive to the moderators.We won't tollerate any kind of bullying. The moderators are here to help.

  • Read the reddiquette Here!

  • 18+

  • Any kind of personal information will result in a ban. Don't post any names/towns/facebook profiles or anything that identifies any users.

  • Do not send unwanted messages to anyone that has posted or commented. If someone is sending you any unwanted messages send the moderators a message and we will deal with it.

  • Asking for upvotes is an instant ban.

  • Concerned about what should be posted? We allow any type of costume as long as the posts are user submitted. (Nothing taken off the internet, if we suspect a user isn't legitimate we will remove the post and discuss the issue with the poster)

  • Moderators will remove any comments or posts that are detrimental to the subreddit or damage the browsing experience of other users.

>## Want verified? Message us [⇉Here!⇇] ( If you have been verified on another gw-related subreddit, your verification icon will look like while users who posted verification photos directly to the /r/gwcosplay mods will have this

> Check out our friends: - /r/gwskirts, /r/GWNerdy & /r/UnderwearGW

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