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Gwent: a card game within the Witcher universe

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Event Date|Event Title :--|:-- Dec 12th|Shøp's Smash Smash Tuesday Dec 13th|Whistling Wendy's Wednesday of Theorycrafting Dec 15th|FOLTEST'S FRIDAY RANT


Dev Stream

> December 12th at 9 PM CET. Paweł Burza, Michał “Luigi” Dobrowolski and Maciej “Ostry” Ostrowski will reveal more cards from the upcoming update – don’t miss it!

Gwent Challenger

> December 16th. The 2nd official GWENT Masters Challenger tournament.

Card Crafting Competition

> December throughout. The horror prior to the holidays is here and it's you who will be spooking our guest's this time! Join our card crafting competition by making an epic/legendary Monster card using Gwent Custom and compete with the entire subreddit.

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