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Gwent: a card game within the Witcher universe

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Event Date|Event Title :--|:-- Mar 14th|Whistling Wendy's Wednesday of Theorycrafting! Mar 16th|FOLTEST'S FRIDAY RANT! Mar 19th|Newboy's Newcomer Monday!


Challenger III Viewing Party

> Online! Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th at 4PM CEST. Represent our Subreddit by joining some of the largest Gwent communities to watch the 3rd Gwent Challenger. The online viewing party will feature games, trivia, giveaways, educational play by play, CDPR prize support, and afterparty activities throughout the entire weekend!


> Every Sunday/Thursday at 17:00 CET. Type: Single Elimination. Format: Best of Five with ban (4 fractions + one ban) * conquest. Entry fee: free. Check-in to match: Maximum 10 minutes from the start of the round.

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