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h3h3 productions H3H3 lets talk about the criminal and malicious actions of h3h3productions

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The H3H3 community are disgusting, disrespectful, and basically a load of sickos posting weird memes and actual shit. BEWARE.

With the banning of /r/shoplifting, this subreddit has the dubious honour of being the biggest shithole on reddit. Don't stay long.



A subreddit for those interested in H3H3Productions and youtube happenings.

This is the subreddit for REAL discussion. (Beware of imitators and fakes.)


Who is Ethan and Hila ?

Ethan and Hila are the brother and sister duo who present themselves as a married couple on h3h3production videos.

What is h3h3productions ?

h3h3productions is a parasitic youtube channel that profits of other peoples work. The channel supports criminal and malicious behaviour and encourages harassment.

Why is Ethan's mum so hot ?

She is an actress

What is this subreddit and why does it exist?

best answer

What more do I need to know about about h3h3productions ?

H3H3 are drama llamas who carry a large pack weight on their backs. Most of that is salt.

Why Matt ?

Matt is the future owner of h3h3productions

Why don't you kill yourself ?

Its very sad the the H3H3 community resorts to hate comments and harassment. Try to be a better person even if immaturity is a fundamental barrier.

Can I use your stylesheet in my subreddit?

Sure. We support fair use and other uses. Thank you for being a good person and asking permission.

Where are the moderators ?

They are here but they are only removing content that breaks reddit site-wide rules.

Why am I participating in this smaller subreddit when there is another subreddit ?

This subreddit is the free speech subreddit where we don't remove your content or ban you unless you break reddit's site wide rules. You can say negative or positive things about whatever you want or you can shitpost meaningless stuff. This subreddit is good because it is independent of the official subreddit. Therefore, you will find no affiliate marketing or monetised links where you expect to see community content. It means that we will not moderate towards h3h3 agenda. Sometimes we try and support and encourage contrarian opinions so that we can have full discussions and not end up a sorry circlejerk. It means that there is less pure ethan and hilia worship/shit posting and sometimes allows for more critical discussions and a broader mix of opinions. This subreddit is also good for being slightly smaller than the average bear. People here are more likely to read your comments and posts and there is less chance that posts end up in /r/all or being exposed to toxic masses that tend to spoil the fun. Remember, you are here by your own free will. You made the right decision being here and as a special bonus we will all be getting MattHossZone updates as a free extra.

Banned Spammers:

Please note we have a problem with H3H3 spammers. We are now banning them for the reason of supporting a hate campaign which means spam. It is regrettable that it has come to this but they are welcome back providing they say sorry. This anti spam automoderator measure targets the links being posted.

Banned Youtube Channels:

Please note that youtube channels that promote harassment are not permitted in this subreddit as link submissions. If individual videos don't break reddit site wide rules, you may post them as a text post prefereable with an explanation of why you think it is ok

The never ending fight against spam

It never ends. People seem to be trying to hijack the h3h3 brand to promote shit they made or irrelevant shit they support. Those aren't really community posts guys. A community post can be anything you want but it has to motivated to enhance the community and not some other reason. Therefore, we ask the community to report all suspected spammers to /r/spam_spam_spam.

Some of those accounts will be reviewed. However, it is mostly about vigilance and reminding people that spam is not what the community wants to see . That does not rule out sterner action in the future.

Other things you should know

  • This subreddit is REAL!!!!

  • You are loved

  • This subreddit isn't created by Matt Hoss or the Matt Hoss youtube channel. Matt Hoss is not the moderator. Following repeated requests, here is a photo of the top moderator to prove that he is not matt. Please do not try and post personal information of anyone in this subreddit. False accusation or evidence-led accusation relating to real life identity of reddit users is not permitted! Dont do it!!!

  • The views, opinions and facts in this subreddit are our own creation and a product of a normal reddit community keeping it real. We do not represent H3H3productions and are a community of fans, critics and those who are less coherent. We are here for honest discussion and not trying to exploit our users and make money out of them.

  • Remember reddit rules. Most relevant to you fuckheads out there is that you do not use reddit to harass people or post personal information !

  • When participating in this subreddit. PLEASE TRY NOT act like a basic redditor. This includes quips, puns, song lyrics, novelty accounts, bots, complaining about moderation and other dummy things that make you a manchild. (I am probably asking too much? and obviously isn't a hard rule or else everyone would be banned)

  • If you want to test drive the future look and feel of this subreddit and see the stylesheet we are working on, feel free to check out our CSS test subreddit

  • Currently, one of the objectives of this subreddit is to educate the children who have been brainwashed by H3H3. The therapy involves introducing them to alternative youtube content and other content. We hope to make H3H3 fans realise that the world is bigger than the shit they get spoon fed by Ethan and Hila. You are welcome to join this mission but that isn't an encouragement to spam us with self promotion and other garbage.

A message to h3h3 fans

You guys are a bunch of fucking idiots even if most of you are 12. I repeat, you are fucking idiots. It's better that you accept it sooner than later or you'll find yourself in a similar position as "Keemstar" or whatever other idiot you idolize. They profit off of teenage drama, they are grown men acting like middle school girls. For every "successful" man child there are 10,000 who have the same attitude, same "talent" that are fucked in most aspects of their lives. They are not some geniuses. You blindly following these man-children because they "get it" and everyone else is just too stupid or old or evil is retarded. The mainstream media is not out on a mission to "kill YouTube". You are in a bubble of other fucking idiots. Petty drama is useless and you'll retract back into a 12 year old if you continue placing such importance on these stupid things. Read the WSJ article on pewdiepie which I'm guessing 10% of you did while the other 90% talked about if for an hour and were outraged after reading 2 lines. If you thought it was easy how Trump led a bunch of "stupid" people you are a fucking idiot who will be led far easier by a bigger idiot. Do yourself a favor and get out of this stupid useless drama shit


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